Welder Arc & TIG 140 Amp

Get the job done quick and easy with this modern, lightweight, ARC and TIG welder. This unit is versatile making it suitable for a range of light duty projects. Varying components are available depending on welding activity.

Est. Total: $75/half-day | $90/day | $324/week

Rates include:

  • Basic Damage Waiver
  • Welding Mask

Freight Rate: Depending on your region

Weighing only 4kg and fitted with a 10A 240V plug, this 140 Amp Stick & Tig Welder is super portable. This welder is packed with some great features, including Stick/MMA or DC Lift-Arc TIG function, 140 amps output, digital display, adjustable hot-start, adjustable arc-force, generator-compatible and more.

Comes with: 4M earth & stick leads, large carry bag that easily fits the machine and leads, shoulder strap, cable strap and long 3M power input lead with 10A plug fitted. Easily runs electrodes up to 3.2mm.


    • 140A @ 15% max output (Stick)
    • Weld up to 3.2mm (max electrode size)
    • Standard: AS 60974.1


  • 140A @ 15% max output (Stick)
  • Weld up to 3.2mm (max electrode size)
  • Standard: AS 60974.1
  • Fitted with 10A 240V plug
  • LCD Digital Meter
  • Adjustable Hot Start & Arc Force
  • Generator Friendly – min 7kva, ideal 8+kva
  • Stressed-Tested – to 440V & over-specified componentry for reliability
Welding Current Output 10A – 140A
Duty Cycle 140A @ 15%, 75A @ 60%, 58A @ 100%
MMA Electrode Size / Capacity 0.6, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2mm
TIG Tungsten Electrode Size / Capacity 1.6mm
Australian Standard AS 60974.1
Open Circuit Voltage 55V (VRD on 13.5V)
Output Cable Terminals 10-25 (Standard)
Power Supply 10Amp Plug
Protection Class IP23
Weight 4kg

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