Get the job done quickly and safely with this high performance M class industrial WET/DRY vacuum features an automatic filter cleaner which maintains suction, even when dealing with fine dust. It is ideal for site clean up after construction activity and can be used in conjunction with hand tools and grinders for dust extraction.

NOTE: This vacuum is not to be used for hazardous materials including asbestos and lead paint.

Est. Total: $55/half-day | $65/day | $234/week

Rates include:

  • Basic Damage Waiver

Freight Rate: Depending on your region

It will easily handle saw dust, coating compounds, concrete, MDF, paper, plastic, composites, etc.

A Dust Class M appliance is suitable for picking up dry, non-flammable dusts, liquids, wood chips and hazardous dusts with an exposure limit value of ≧ 0.1 mg/m³. T

Universal wet and dry vacuum cleaner with automatic filter cleaning, 300 cfm suction and 64 litre tank capacity – class M


  • Container capacity:  65 l
  • Dust class:  M
  • Suction capacity:  144 l/s


  • M-class vacuum cleaner
  • For intensive, wet and dry dust collection
  • Two turbines and power filter cleaning technology for consistent, extremely high suction performance
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Filter compartments are cleaned alternately to offer almost continuous suction


  • Wet and/or dry cleaning of wall and floor surfaces
  • Removing dust produced by drilling, slitting, grinding, cutting and dry coring
  • Removing slurry produced by wet coring and sawing
  • Collecting large quantities of dust from diamond grinders, diamond cutters, rotary hammers and core drilling machines using dry-cutting core bits.

Hilti Vac 40M Operating-Instruction-VC-20-40X-Operating-Instruction-PUB-5575745-000

Container capacity: 65 L
Dust class: M
Suction capacity: 144 l/s
IP protection class: IP X4 (EN 60529)
Dust capacity: 72 kg
Water capacity: 48 L
Dimensions (LxWxH): 578 x 488 x 882 mm

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