Post Hole Digger 1 Man Light

Get the job done quick and easy with this 1 man, hand held, petrol powered tool, ideal for boring up to 200mm diameter holes for fence post holes, planting shrubs.

Est. Total: $65/half-day | $80/day | $288/week

Rates include:

  • 1 Auger Drill Bit
  • Basic Damage Waiver
  • Full Tank of Fuel

Freight Rate: Depending on your region

The earth auger comes with QuickStop drill break. 4-MIX® engine with enlarged fuel tank, low-vibration handle frame, control handle with stop button, large support cushion.

This earth auger has high torque and is single person operated. The 4-Mix engine consumes a low quantity of fuel and produces very little noise while nullifying the vibration levels. It features the standard QuickStop drill brake, long-life air filter system and a support cushion for the operator.


  • High Torque
  • Low Vibration
  • Emergency Brake
  • Choice of Drill Bits


QuickStop Drill Brake
The innovative QuickStop drill brake is a crucial cog in the progress steps towards providing a safe workplace. The QuickStop drill brake additionally also acts to stop the drill from rotating backwards. With a jammed drilling bit being able to be simply unscrewed for the borehole.

Hip Padding
Hip padding makes the auger so much more comfortable to use for the operator. Cushioning the auger up against the body or leg making it safe and easy to use.

Vibration Damped Handle Design
The handle design of the earth auger significantly nullifies the vibration caused by the use of the machine before it reaches the operators arms and hands. This reduces fatigue and ensures the operator can work for longer periods of time.


Motor: 2 stroke petrol
Power Output: 1.4kW
Displacement: 36.3cc
Tank volume mL: 700.00
Digging Depth: 600mm
Extension: 600mm
Weight: 10KG
Diameter - Auger 100, 150, 200mm

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