Get the job done easy and quickly with this jackhammer Trolley. Save your back and demolish flooring surfaces up to six times faster with the Jackhammer trolley. For all tile removal in large areas, nothing comes close to the speed and efficiency you get using a jackhammer supported in the jackhammer trolley.

Est. Total: $100/half-day | $125/day | $480/week

Rates include:

  • Basic Damage Waiver
  • Jackhammer Medium

Freight Rate: Depending on your region

Removing tiles and thinset cement is back-breaking, dusty work. You’re either on your hands and knees with dust and shards flying in your face, or bent-double holding a heavy Jackhammer.

Easier, safer and less tiring
Doing it the hard way takes forever. No wonder you back hurts and you are exhausted. Worse, if you encounter especially stubborn tiles, you can say goodbye to any profit on that portion of the job.

The Jackhammer trolley helps flooring specialists remove tile, cork and vinyl flooring quickly with less fatigue and less risk of injury. The trolley takes the load off your back, while rubber mounts and bushes absorb vibrations. So operators can work more safely and for longer stints.

Removes anything quickly
Five pre-set positions give you the perfect angle of attack, to quickly demolish anything it its path. A foot rest helps you transfer your body weight to the blade and push the trolley forward. The jackhammer trolley is durable and sturdy and has no electronic components to go wrong, so it is maintenance-free.

Perfect for removing floor tiles, thinset, vinyl and cork from concrete and wooden surfaces, it can also be used when breaking rocks, blocks, concrete and sandstone.

The jackhammer trolley is designed for the following ~16kg (~35lbs) jackhammers: Bosch GSH16, Dewalt D25961K-XE , Hilti 1000, Hilti 1500, Hitachi H65, Makita HM1307, Matika HM1317

Solution Benefits

  • No bending over holding jackhammer for hours
  • Five stops provide the perfect angle of attack
  • Foot rest helps you apply forward pressure
  • Rubber mounts and bushes absorb vibrations
  • Work faster for longer with less fatigue
  • One tool removes tile, thinset, vinyl, cork

Makinex Brochure


Weight (trolley without jackhammer): 27.5kg
Weight (Jackhammer): 12.5kg
Dimensions (trolley without jackhammer): L 1110mm x H 540mm x W 570mm
Suitable for 16kg (35lbs) jackhammer models: Bosch, Dewalt, Hilti 1000 & 1500, Hitachi, Makita
Chisel Floor Angle Chisel Floor Angle

Self-sharpening TE-S tile chisels for scraping away surface materials

  • Connection end: TE-S
  • Application: Demolition, Surface work/layer removal, Sanding
  • Length: 500 mm

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