Demolition Saw – 400mm 16IN ( Petrol)

Get the job done safety and easy with this powerful and versatile 2 stroke, motorised demolition saw is ideal for all above and below ground purposes. A range of  400mm/16″ Diamond tipped blades can cut up to 150mm deep through Concrete, Reinforced concrete, Masonry, Natural stone, Cement, Metal and Asphalt applications.

Est. Total: $120/half-day | $150/day | $540/week

Rates include:

  • 1 mm of Blade Wear
  • Basic Damage Waiver
  • Full Tank of Petrol

Freight Rate: Depending on your region

The product described is a gasoline-powered cut-off saw for the wet or dry cutting of asphalt, mineral
construction materials or metals using diamond cutting discs or abrasive cutting discs. It can be held
and guided by hand or mounted on a saw trolley. The saw is not suitable for use in environments where there is risk of fire or explosion.

Hand-held gas saw with 87 cc engine with easy-start function (automatic choke), for cutting to depths of up to 150 mm (6″)


  • Motor cylinder:  87 cm³
  • Rated power:  4.3 kW
  • Wet or dry operation:  Wet and dry


  • Easy starting – unique automatic choke system
  • Maximum 2-stroke motor power thanks to “racing technology” muffler design
  • Pre-tensioned belt, no belt maintenance required by the user
  • Belt cover with integrated wear ribs
  • Reinforced blade guard


  • Laying paving: cutting curbstones and paving slabs to size
  • Construction work: cutting out openings in brick or concrete walls
  • Repairs work:
  • Masonry work: cutting bricks and blocks to size
  • Road construction: perimeter cutting in asphalt and concrete
  • Sewage work: cutting metal, concrete and plastic pipes

Hilti Petrol Saw Operating-Instruction-DSH-700-DSH-900-02-Operating-Instruction-PUB-5409837-000

Motor cylinder: 87 cm³
Rated power: 4.3 kW
Wet or dry operation: Wet and dry
Fuel mixture: 50:1 (2% oil)
Blade arbor range: 20 mm - 25.4

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